Practicing Mental Illness

Practicing Mental Illness

Advocating for Meaningful Work and Policy Improvements; Promoting Meditation as an Adjunct Therapy

Doing the Work to Reduce Stigma & Improve Treatment Options


Meditation can restore a level of stress-management, focus, creativity and clarity.  It can also enable the practitioner to notice the subtle changes that signal the onset of episodes of mood change, anxiety, or psychosis.

Meaningful Work

Practicing Mental Illness seeks to inspire, teach, and empower people to achieve the stability, discipline, and flexibility necessary to return to work.  Any activity that keeps the mind and body engaged and committed can only help a person return to health.


We comment on policies and attitudes that impact those with serious mental illness. In the rush to expand diagnoses and treat ever more people, some of the most needy individuals are losing services.  We seek to stop them being left behind.

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